Psychos Gear Drugs

Psychos Gear Is an off-grid vendor and supplier of top quality / purity restricted drugs located in the united states.We offer safe order delivery by proper packaging and discreet shipping throughout the united states and to the world at-large.

Psychos gear operates from multiple off-grid warehouse locations to protect our privacy and that of our customers, as well as to ensure our continuity of service to provide the best products to our client base.

3 Day Delivery

We guarantee 3 day delivery for all orders withing the US

Safe And Discreet

Our orders Are well packed and delivered to customers without any hassle

Worldwide Shipping And Delivery

Psychos gear operates under the radar and has successfully delivered thousands of orders all around the world while avoiding legal attention

Psychos Gear Sale Conduct

Psychos Gear provides controlled drugs and chemicals of the best quality discreetly successfully by strict service guides and policies, some of which apply to the users below.

  • No Credit Card / PayPal Payments ( We cannot afford to be linked in any way directly to any client or purchase hence we only accept third party app payment such as Apple pay, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo)
  • We do not send free samples. We run a business and so, every single gram must be paid for.
  • All orders are packaged and shipped in vacuum sealed aluminum bags with no reference to its content or Psychos Gear